Steve Gillis

Steve Gillis, PhD

Managing Director, ARCH Venture Partners
Board Chairman

Dr. Steve Gillis joined ARCH as a Venture Partner in 2005 and became a Managing Director in 2006. Dr. Gillis is focused on the evaluation of new life science technologies and the development and growth of ARCH’s biotechnology portfolio companies. He is a Director at Homology Medicines (FIXX) and Carrick Therapeutics and serves as Director and Chairman of Codiak BioSciences (CDAK), Faraday Pharmaceuticals, eGenesis, HiberCell, Skylark Bio, Walden Biosciences, OncoResponse, Mozart Therapeutics, Bitterroot Bio, and VBI Vaccines (VBIV). Dr. Gillis also serves as a Director of Takeda Pharmaceuticals (TAK). He was a Founder and Director at Corixa Corp. and served as CEO from its inception and as Chairman from 1999 until its acquisition in 2005 by GlaxoSmithKline (now GSK). Prior to Corixa, Dr. Gillis was a Founder and Director at Immunex Corp., the most successful venture-funded biotechnology company in the state of Washington. From 1981 until his departure in 1994, he served as Immunex’s Director of Research and Development and Chief Scientific Officer and as CEO of Immunex’s R&D subsidiary. Dr. Gillis was interim CEO of Immunex Corp. following its majority purchase by American Cyanamid Company and remained a board member until 1997. Amgen, Inc. acquired Immunex in 2002.

Dr. Gillis is an immunologist by training with more than 300 peer-reviewed publications in the areas of molecular and tumor immunology. He is credited as being a pioneer in the field of cytokines and cytokine receptors, directing the development of multiple marketed products, including Leukine® (GM-CSF), Prokine (IL-2), and Enbrel® (soluble TNF receptor-Fc fusion protein), as well as the regulatory approval of Bexxar® (radiolabeled anti-CD20).

Dr. Gillis received a BA from Williams College and a PhD from Dartmouth College.

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