Pavan Cheruvu

Pavan K. Cheruvu, MD

President & CEO
| Board Director

Dr. Pavan K. Cheruvu is the President and Chief Executive Officer at Bitterroot Bio. Prior to joining Bitterroot, Dr. Cheruvu was an early member of the executive team at Roivant Sciences and served as President and CEO of Sio Gene Therapies. Over the course of his career, he has worked with multiple biotechnology and medical device companies, as well as in the public sector, with focus areas spanning neurology, oncology, women’s health, and cardiology. Dr. Cheruvu previously worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company, where he focused on R&D strategy and transformation for biopharmaceutical firms across North America, Asia, and Europe.

Dr. Cheruvu holds a BS in biomedical engineering, electrical engineering, and chemistry from Duke University and an MSc in computer science from the University of Oxford, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He went on to earn an MD from Harvard Medical School and MIT. Dr. Cheruvu completed his residency in internal medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital and continued his training as a clinical fellow in cardiovascular medicine at the University of California, San Francisco. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and daughter.

Bitterroot Bio is a privately held company dedicated to the pursuit of breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine. We are committed to improving the lives of patients, and we believe that focusing on research and development is the best way to achieve that goal. We do not engage in, support, or advocate on behalf of political, social, environmental, or other causes that are unrelated to our mission.
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