Lou Lange

Lou Lange, MD, PhD

General Partner, Asset Management Ventures Former Chairman & CEO, CV Therapeutics

Dr. Lou Lange is a physician-scientist with deep experience in academic medicine and the biotechnology industry. Dr. Lange currently serves as a General Partner at Asset Management Ventures with a focus on leading health care innovation in numerous biotechnology, genomics, bioinformatics, and imaging companies. He founded and was Chairman/CEO of CV Therapeutics, Inc. for 19 years, leading the company through the commercial launch of Lexiscan® and Ranexa®, a billion dollar first-in-class late sodium channel blocker and the first antianginal drug class approved in 30 years. Dr. Lange led the sale of the company to Gilead Sciences for $1.5 billion in 2019 and remained a part-time senior advisor to the CEO of Gilead for a decade. He then founded several other biotechnology companies and led two acquisitions, one to GE HealthCare and one to Audentes Therapeutics, where he became Lead Director. Prior to joining the biotechnology sector, Dr. Lange spent 22 years practicing academic medicine at Harvard University and Washington University.

Dr. Lange holds a BA in chemistry from the University of Rochester and an MD and PhD in biological chemistry from Harvard University.

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