Bitterroot Bio to Present Preclinical Research at American Heart Association Conference

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Bitterroot Bio, a biotechnology company focused on developing novel immunotherapies in cardiovascular disease, has been selected to present research at the upcoming American Heart Association Scientific Sessions conference, which will take place from November 11-13, 2023 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA.

The abstract, titled “Blockade of CD47 Using a Novel Anti-CD47 Molecule, BRB-002, Attenuates Atherosclerosis in an ApoE Mouse Model,” has been scheduled for a moderated oral presentation at 9:30 AM ET on Saturday, November 11th, 2023.

Dr. Craig Basson, Chief Medical Officer at Bitterroot Bio, commented on the presentation, saying, “We are honored to have the opportunity to present our research at the American Heart Association conference. Our team at Bitterroot Bio is dedicated to advancing cardiovascular science, and we believe that BRB-002 has potential to improve the lives of many patients with atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. We look forward to sharing our results with the scientific community.”

About Bitterroot Bio

Bitterroot Bio is committed to pioneering the emerging field of cardio-immunology, which investigates the interplay between the immune system and cardiovascular health. Bitterroot Bio’s research has uncovered the critical roles that immune cells and modulators of inflammation play in the initiation and progression of cardiovascular disease. The company’s lead candidate, BRB-002, targets the CD47/SIRPα pathway to address the underlying causes of atherosclerosis and vascular inflammation. Our ultimate goal is to provide new hope to those suffering from cardiovascular disease and transform the way these diseases are treated.

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Contact:  Lori Clerkin, Bitterroot Bio, Inc., [email protected](650) 407-2004

Bitterroot Bio is a privately held company dedicated to the pursuit of breakthroughs in cardiovascular medicine. We are committed to improving the lives of patients, and we believe that focusing on research and development is the best way to achieve that goal. We do not engage in, support, or advocate on behalf of political, social, environmental, or other causes that are unrelated to our mission.
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